We work with organizations and individuals to help ensure they maximize and fully meet their business and professional potential.

eCalibre Group is a unique management consultancy that is focused on helping companies, organizations and individuals navigate the often complex world of talent management and work. Our lines of business include: the provision of integrated talent management solutions for clients in both the private and public sectors; diversity and inclusion policy and program development; the creation and delivery of seminars, workshops and coaching programs that help clients and individuals better understand and navigate the world of work; a not-for-profit practice (Musonda Association for Learning & Development) that helps youth take the next steps in their employment journey and respond to the challenging circumstances of the ever changing world of employment. 




For organizations to remain competitive and profitable in today’s global markets, they need to understand the multitude of factors impacting the labour market: and based on those factors, create effective strategies to attract, hire, manage, engage, and retain the right people in the right places, at the right time.



eCaliber Group help organizations initiate, build, monitor and sustain inclusive work environments, where diverse talents can express their unique perspectives and bring about innovative solutions to complex challenges of today’s business realities.





eCaliber Group offers a suite of professional services aimed at helping organizations and individuals develop their capacities, gain clarity and take the steps to reach their personal and professional goals and objectives.