Talent Attraction

OBJECTIVES: Client wanted to reduce recruitment cost by improving internal recruitment process

IDEA: We took a phased in approach over a period of one year:

Phase 1:

  • We analyzed current cost per hire by examining how this metric was measured, tracked and reported
  • We established a baseline for current state of both recruitment process and the cost to the organization

Phase 2:

  • Streamlined recruitment process
  • Introduced new metrics

Phase 3:

  • Trained internal recruiters

IMPACT: Overtime client achieved reduced cost per hire as well as time to fill vacant positions, due to more efficient and effective recruitment processes

Diversity & Inclusion - Employment Barriers


CLIENT: HR Non-Profit Council

OBJECTIVES:  Client wanted to increase number of visible minorities & new immigrants employees in the non-profit sector.  This research was designed to better understand the barriers that visible minorities and new immigrants face when seeking employment in the non-profit sector.


  • With a team of researchers conducted a literature review of previous research looking at barriers to employment of visible minorities and new immigrants
  • Facilitated eight dialogue sessions across Canada with non-profit sector stakeholders
  • Interviewed visible minorities and new immigrants who had overcome barriers to employment and were working in non-profit sector


  • A final report outlining some of the key systemic barriers to employment of visible minorities and new immigrants in the non-profit sector
  • Based on these findings client was able to develop human resources tools to further facilitate the recruitment and retention of visible minorities and new immigrants in the non-profit sector

Diversity & Inclusion - Inclusive Workplaces


CLIENT: BC Labour Market Partnership Project


OBJECTIVES: Client wanted to create a set of Inclusive Workplaces resources, tools and supports for the BC non-profit sector.


  • Conducted a review of best inclusive workplace practices.
  • Developed series of practical tools based on a framework with three elements of Adapt, Collaborate, Innovate.
  • Interviewed stakeholders to further validate best practices & tools.
  • Developed implementation supports & an evaluation strategy                                                                                               for intended impact.

IMPACT: The inclusive workplace materials were uploaded to the client’s website.