Global Communication Workshop

CLIENT: Global HR Team of a Large Minerals & Metal Processing Company

PROJECT: Leadership Development

OBJECTIVES: Client wanted to help the HR global team become more productive by learning effective communication skills when working with diverse global team members. 


  • We designed a half day training session on inclusive communication skills for a global team.
  • Through activities, participants became aware of their own communication style and learned to adopt strategies that can help them work with diverse communication styles of a global team. 


  • Participants became aware of how subtle differences in communication styles due to cultural and societal differences can lead to potential misunderstandings.  
  • Participants adopted strategies that would lead to inclusive communication skills, enhancing productivity.

Diversity & Inclusion Workshop


CLIENT: Large Manufacturing Company

PROJECT: Diversity & Inclusion Workshop

OBJECTIVES:  Client needed to provide day long diversity & inclusion workshop to all its front line employees to increase team work and productivity. 


  • Delivered day long diversity & inclusion workshop covering the following topic areas:
    • Business Case for Diversity
    • Respectful Workplace Practices
    • Inclusive Communication
    • Becoming Bias-aware 


  • Participants understand the advantages of diversity in the workplace.
  • An environment is provided so that participants can share with each other their challenges and questions about diversity in the workplace, and work together through various scenarios to better understand how to respond to these challenges in a way that each person can contribute to building an inclusive workplace environment.
  • Participants leave with an individualized action plan for building an inclusive workplace environment.

Career Development Workshop for International Students 


CLIENT:  An International Student Placement Agency

PROJECT: Career Development Workshop for International Students

OBJECTIVES: Client wanted to help international students learn skills needed to navigate their careers in an ever increasing inter-dependent world.


  • Designed & developed an interactive, participatory career planning session covering topics such as:
    • The skills, qualities and attitudes that are needed to excel in a global economy.  
    • The approach that international students need to take in developing these skills.
    • Purposeful steps that international students need to take in not only getting jobs but also developing their careers.
    • Becoming aware of cultural differences and its impact on career development choices. 


  • Participants learned to explore their own talents, and map out an approach that allows them to take purposeful steps towards developing their careers in a global economy.