Not-for-Profit - Marketing Strategy


CLIENT: Non-Profit organization

PROJECT: Go to Market Strategy

OBJECTIVES: Client wanted to ensure sustainability and effectiveness of its service delivery - raising mental health awareness through organizing community led walks, and annual walk race.

IDEA: We took a phased in approach over a period of one year to help client read its reality, and develop internal capacity to sustain the work we started:

Phase 1:

  • We conducted an environmental scan, analyzed internal documents, researched similar organizations in the area, and identified good practices. 
  • We engaged both internal and external stakeholders through series of workshops, focus groups and interviews aimed at identifying strengths and unique qualities, attributes of the organization's service delivery  

Phase 2:

  • Based on findings in phase 1, devised a go to market strategy highlighting the strength and the reality of the organization
  • Strategy plan included recommended practical steps the organization could take to increase its capacity internally, develop effective partnerships to take steps needed to implement the strategy 

Phase 3:

  • Designed & delivered a social media strategy aimed at increasing partnership, and participation in the annual walk.
  • Designed an info-graph communicating the essence of the organization aimed at increasing potential collaborators and funders.
  • Trained internal resources to sustain the go to market strategy and their ongoing social media strategy

IMPACT: Client developed its capacity to read its own reality, devise plans to respond to these realities, and develop the necessary partnerships to deliver its services in a sustainable manner.  

Not-for-Profit - Strategic Planning


CLIENT: National Non-Profit Organization

PROJECT: Five Year Strategic Plan

OBJECTIVES:  Client wanted to review their mission, vision and values and engage key stakeholders in a strategic planning process.  

IDEA: We devised an engagement strategy to receive input from key stakeholders, and facilitated sessions to build a 5 year strategic plan.

  • In consultation with the client, identified key stakeholders
  • Developed an interview protocol, interviewed key stakeholders to better understand strengths, challenges and issues that need to be addressed in order to make the organization's next five year plan a success.
  • Facilitated a two day session involving staff and board members in reviewing and revising the organization's mission, vision and values; defining & articulating key strategic initiatives, and action plans to ensure a successful implementation of the 5 year strategic plan.  


  • Synthesized the input of interviews, and the facilitated session and wrote a report containing strategic initiatives and action plan.
  • The organization gained a clear vision of where they were, build a vision of where they want to be in five years, and built a road map of how to get there. 

Not-for-Profit - Social Media


CLIENT: Mid-size National Not-for-Profit Organization

PROJECT: Social Media Strategy

OBJECTIVES: Client wanted to learn more about social media and how to effectively use various social media channels to communicate more frequently to their constituents.  

IDEA: We designed and delivered a social media 101 course to key stakeholders

  • Developed a social media workshop, the goal of which was to help key stakeholders and decision makers recognize what steps they needed to take in order to develop a comprehensive social media strategy.
  • In consultation with the client we identified resources within the organization that were trained and tasked with implementing and sustaining the social media strategy 

IMPACT: The organization understood the importance of consistency of a social media presence, and started to take small steps towards developing and implementing a comprehensive social media strategy in a sustainable manner.